⚠️Phytic Acid⚠️ Do you know what it is? YOU SHOULD! Here is some bad and a little good info - Both for us and especially for our dogs & cats. ?? 

?‍?By some, Phytic Acid is classed as the cause of the biggest mineral deficiency in the WORLD (iron) and it is also called "a nutrient AND digestive enzyme THIEF"! ?‍♀️ 

?Bad: Phytic Acid is classed mostly as an "anti-nutrient" and it is found in all plant matter. Phytic Acid affects nutrient absorption for those who eat a lot of foods that are high in plant matter. (Wheat, Corn, Barley, Soy, Oats, Rice, Peas, Quinoa, Beans, Almonds, Peanuts, etc.) 

❌More bad to be aware of: Most dry pet foods have a MINIMUM of 40% carbohydrate FROM plant matter (wheat, corn, rice, potato, legumes, etc.). Many, many, more have a much higher % of carbohydrate than that! 

?Ugh - more bad: Did you know that plant matter (such as wheat, corn, oats, barley, nuts, legumes like soy and peas) has a lot of protein? In many dry foods, some of the protein % on the back of the bag comes from the plant matter in the bag! Vegetarian dog foods (ugh) all of the protein comes from plant matter! 

?Sadly most of that plant matter protein is not good or quality protein for our carnivore friends... One of the reasons is the Phytic Acid alone. Other reasons are the severe lack of quality and essential amino acids and vitamins and minerals. 

?So, here's the good to come out of providing this information: 

✅Mineral deficiencies that may be caused by phytic acid in high plant matter diets are rarely a concern for those who also consume a diet that is balanced & high in digestive enzymes, probiotics & animal proteins (diary, meat, eggs.) Animal based foods don't have phytic acids. 

✅Soaking,Sprouting or Fermenting the questionable plant matter before consuming can reduce phytic acid by up to 98%! Fermentation is the BEST way to reduce phytic acid. 

✅ Feeding our carnivore friends a biologically appropriate, fresh food & balanced diet low in these phytic acids and high in digestive enzymes and probiotics CAN significantly reduce nutrient deficiency occurrences! 


➡️Rotate your diets. 
➡️Add a lot of variation. 
➡️Include fermented foods.
➡️Help the gut with quality digestive enzymes and probiotics.
➡️Consider feeding an all raw/fresh diet (complete & balanced with less than 15% veggies).
➡️ CUT back as far as you can afford in all dry foods/treats that contain ALL grains/starches (wheat, corn, oats, rice, potato, etc.), legumes, lentils, etc. 

‼️AND PLEASE, if feeding a dry food diet alone, start supplementing DAILY by swapping out some of the dry with 20% fresh food in to the diet. See more at the #20for20challenge 

➕Easy add ins/dry food replacements for our pets are ? raw goat's milk/kefir, fish stocks ? (fermented is best) and bone broths ?(w/NO ONION), raw or lightly scrambled eggs ?, fresh meats ?, low sodium sardines/oysters in water & whole prepared raw food diets. 

Finally - there are a wide variety of amazing and easy to do prepared add ins/replacements to make your pets bowl just BETTER!! Elevate your pets' bowl with fresh add ins/dry food replacements! They'll love you for it. 

Wags to Whiskers
Plainfield, IL.