Is Your Pets' Food Truly Safe? Is It All Your Pet Needs? 

(Association of American Feed Control Officials) sets the nutritional requirements for pet foods. Did you know that to get a pet food approved by AAFCO a company can start with 8 dogs on the trial and just 6 dogs have to survive for 6 months on the food? Those 6 dogs have to not lose more than 15% of their body weight to get the food approved with no designation of how much or how little they fed the dogs....

Their trials also do not take in to account certain breeds of dogs that may or may not have an inherited nutrient deficiency. The dogs participating are likely all the same breed - sadly, usually they are lab-bred Beagles. This doesn't even get in to our mixed breed dogs that may have inherited the genetics of all the breeds they may be mixed with... The same test is done for cat food.

THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG IN COMMERCIAL GRADE PET FOOD IF THEY ARE JUST MEETING AAFCO STANDARDS. If 2 dogs can drop out of the trial and the other dogs can lose 15% of their body weight, is the AAFCO approved "stamp" enough for our pets?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our pets' food and the lack of quality standards. The lack of true *quality* food controls and nutritional standards for manufacturers to adhere to is just ONE of the many reasons I started my business in 2005!

Stay tuned for more info and posts on where our pets' foods are lacking and what else you can do to make it better. Always use your food that comes out of a bag or a box as a "base". Think of it as your home plate and add on top of it for more quality nutrition. 

Start with these two suggestions: 
*Please rotate your proteins/foods (using high quality, food grade foods).
*Please add in a fresh component (like raw goat's milk) on a daily basis. 

I'm available anytime to help. Message me here, comment here, call me at the store, stop in to visit. All our Team Members (Katy, Bob, Jenn, Julie and Laura) are trained in helping you rotate your foods and in suggesting fresh components. 

To your pets' health....

Janelle Owner/Pet Advocate
Wags to Whiskers