Eggs are an amazing way to enrich your pet’s diet by adding this economical FRESH food even just a few times per week. This amazing food is a complete protein and has an accepted nutritional “biological value” of the highest score; 100! I absolutely believe that you should be using them for your pets regularly! 

Cracking a pasture-raised/free-range (PRFR) chicken or duck egg into their food, or giving as a snack, can significantly improve their vitality. PRFR eggs contain Omega 3 fatty acids. The only other pet safe and naturally occurring source higher in Omega 3 fatty acids than a PRFR egg is wild caught fish. What are these Omega 3 fatty acids good for? Omega-3’s found in PRFR eggs help decrease inflammation, improve skin and coat, boosts brain, heart, and immune system health and much more!

PRFR eggs contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, B, D and E, as well as Iron for carrying oxygen through the body, Lutein for eye, skin and cardiovascular health, and Folate for heart health and neurological support. PRFR Eggs also contain all the amino acids that are essential to your pet’s health, specifically the ones that they MUST GET FROM FOOD & preferably from a FRESH FOOD source. These Essential Amino Acids support every organ, structure, and function of the body. Dogs require 10 Essential Amino Acids and Cats require 11 Essential Amino Acids. If essential amino acids sound serious, well – they are. Again, these Essential Amino Acids can ONLY come from foods they eat. For dogs and cats they can get all of them from EGGS alone! Stay tuned for my Essential Amino Acids educational series coming up!

Feeding fresh whole food sources of quality protein and fats to our pets helps to provide them with non-synthetic sources of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for life. For our pets, it doesn’t get much easier than adding fresh eggs a few times per week.

Yes – you can serve PRFR eggs raw, soft boiled, or even lightly scrambled without seasoning. You can even crush the eggshell and serve it for a great source of calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

As you can see I strongly STRESS pasture-raised/free-range eggs. PRFR eggs are from chickens or ducks raised in open areas where they can forage for bugs, worms, seeds, and grasses, etc., and it is proven that pasture-raised/free-range eggs are much more nutritious than factory farmed, or even the so-called “cage-free” eggs. Chickens and ducks are NOT vegetarians. They are omnivores. Please do not utilize factory farmed eggs, eggs labeled cage-free or the “vegetarian fed” eggs thinking your pet is getting all the nutrition that I have mentioned. They will not. We are what we eat, and chickens and ducks must eat a wide range of food to produce eggs packed with nutrition.

Do you need help finding pasture-raised/free-range chicken or duck eggs in your area? Please reach out via DM and I will help find a source near you! Even just visiting your local human health food store will be a great place to start!! Your pet will thank you!!!   

Wags to Whiskers
Plainfield IL.