I love nature - everything about it. Wildlife, grass, dandelions, all the flowers and trees, bugs and bees - you name it. There are a few things we do at Wags to Whiskers to stay friendly to those things, and I do not like toxic chemicals, or needless & careless waste.

First, our blue bags that we use at our check out are made from 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We appreciate it when our clients bring their own bags also! We also use ONLY recyclable brown paper bags for our chew bar, and our bakery selections. Take those home and reuse them or recycle them. Additionally, we have plenty of cardboard trays/boxes available for reuse! Shop with a cardboard tray for your goods and take it home with you! The cardboard can trays and boxes that we leave for customer use, are 100% recyclable in your own recycle bins when you get home.

On top of this, I also pay for - BY CHOICE - an additional recycling dumpster. With all the deliveries we get, I found this to be necessary! This is how much we don't like just toss away anything. Reusing and recycling is important to us at Wags to Whiskers!

Our grooming salon uses only NON-TOXIC supplies for suds and sprays for your dogs, and we focus on using environmentally friendly products only. PLUS we recycle all the bottles we use in the salon.

Last but not least, our cleaning supplies include Young Living Thieves and Aunt Fannies Vinegar floor cleaners, plus I only buy ECOS non toxic hand soap for the bathroom, and chemical free laundry detergents. Since we do our own laundry, our bathroom has individual wash cloths for hand drying, and we each use/reuse one per day. This cuts down a lot on paper waste.

In my own home I am also very *green*. We use the same cleaning supplies as mentioned for the store, as well as recycling everything we possibly can. We have a compost bin that we use for our garden every year, and we DO NOT use any chemicals on our yard/lawn. At our home, we truly embrace the dandelions as the food they are! I also plant tons of flowers for the birds and the bees, and other wildlife, and focus on native plants.

We hope this gives you some insight as to how we operate to be friendly to the nature around us. This as we celebrate Earth Day today!