A great way to add moisture to your pets diet is GOAT'S MILK! Not only does it add moisture, but it's loaded with a plethora of other ingredients to support your pets' health.

✅All Essential Amino Acids your pet needs from their food.

➖Including Taurine, Cystine & Methionine for supporting heart health.

✅Loaded with Probiotics & Enzymes

➖For tummy health & digestion.

✅ Low Allergen & Highly Digestible

➖Goat's Milk is low in lactose and casein making it extremely easy for dogs and cats to digest.

✅ A few more benefits not shown in the graphic

➖ High amounts of quality fatty acids, natural anti-inflammatory, loaded with vitamins and minerals our pets need like calcium, zinc selenium and potassium (and more!) Plus it may help your pet balance their pH naturally.


Best of all Dogs & Cats Love it.


We stock a WIDE variety of brands, flavors, and ways to serve goat's milk to your dogs or cat. Stop in today for a free consult to help pick the right one for your dog or cat.