Yowza! Look at all these benefits of adding a pet-specific bone broth to your pets' diet. Both dogs and cats!

✅Excellent Joint Support 

➖loaded with glucosamine, collagen & gelatin that help support and then form connective tissue. 

✅Protects Gut Health 

➖Bone broth is loaded with essential amino acids and water-binding molecules that help heal and support the tummy! 

✅Rich in vitamins & minerals, and is a great source of moisture for our pets!

➖Magnesium, calcium, sulphur just to name a few. Many of our pets are chronically dehydrated. Adding this BOOST of moisture to their regular food helps in many ways. All of these are essential for vitality and health. 

✅Supports the immune system. 

➖80%+ of the immune system starts in the gut. Because bone broth supports tummy health, it can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

At Wags to Whiskers we stock multiple varieties of bone broth for any dog or cat. Stop in today to grab some for your pet.