Are you aware that some pet foods that you may be able to purchase at grocery stores or drug stores are very low quality and can contribute to a whole host of pet health issues such as:

Chronic Ear Infections



Obsessive Licking

Non-stop Scratching

Impacted Anal Glands

Smelly Breath and Excessive Tarter

....And most unfortunate, cancer.  

Why is this? Usually due to very high carbohydrate content, low quality meat content, byproducts, chemical preservatives, colors, sugars and more.

At Wags to Whiskers we stock dry foods that have a high quality meat content & that start at just over $1.25 per pound! However, we don't stop there. We work with you to help you to BETTER your pets bowl every day with economical solutions. We encourage adding fresh foods and moisture to the bowl like eggs, goat's milk, bone broths, salt free canned sardines and other fresh meats wherever you can!  Up to 20% of your own add-ins, added to a good quality dry food, can make a healthy change for your pets.  

The goal is to start where you are and make improvements with what works within your budget and lifestyle to help your pets live BETTER lives. Even just starting with a better dry food and adding more moisture plus enzymes and probiotics (that can cost as little as a few pennies per day) can make a HUGE difference in your pets vitality and health.

Come on in to the store for free consultations OR make a phone or video appointment online with the owner, Janelle.

Baby step your way up to healthier dogs and cats - day by day - little by little. Every improvement HELPS!