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Wags to Whiskers Offers Full Service Dog Grooming in Plainfield!

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We offer the following services. Read below for more details:

Grooming can be stressful for a pet. Therefore, Wags to Whiskers strives to provide the relaxing experience your pet deserves. The limited number of appointments scheduled during a day allows for individualized attention for your pets. Wags to Whiskers offers an environment where we can focus on your pet’s well-being, comfort, safety and health at all times.  Please call for a price estimate and to schedule an appointment. Pricing is breed specific and based on your needs.



Wags to Whiskers will quote a VIP grooming price* which for each quote will include EVERYTHING**!  Call 815-436-5957 for a quote.

Deep cleaning, dirt busting bath, towel and hand blow drying, a full brush out, a nail trim and filing, ear plucking/cleaning. All of our dogs will be provided with the best shampoo that we think your dog may need! Hypo-allergenic (fragrance free) shampoo all the way to upgraded shampoo as needed. All dogs will receive our ultra deep conditioning treatment, teeth brushing, face/muzzle foaming wash, PAWdicure (paw pad trim, pad balm, nail filing) plus bows or a bandana as well as a deodorizing spritz. If your dog requires a haircut we will also include this price in our quotes.

FURminator® Shed-Less Treatment Add On to Full Service Grooming:

Reduce shedding by 60-80% Also included is the Fresh Dog Package …………………………………… $10-$20.00 extra depending on the dog. Includes the upgraded FURminator® Shed-Less Shampoo and Conditioner plus a hand brush out with the FURminator tool.  Call 815-436-5957 for a quote. *

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Love our Self-wash but you just don’t want to do it yourself? Ask about our Fast Bath option. The Wags to Whiskers’ Fast Bath is completed by our staff in about an hour. The price for the fast bath is $20.00-$35.00 depending on the dog/breed.

The Fast Bath includes: Bath, ear cleaning and 20 minutes of brushing and blow drying***. Add on a nail trim to your Fast Bath for just $7.00!

What dogs qualify*? Pricing depends on the dog.

We will perform a fast bath at varying prices for any dog with short hair such as Labs, Boxers, Pitties, Bulldogs, etc., the little guys like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, and even the big guys like Great Danes and Mastiffs.

We will also do fast baths for dogs that are in between haircuts at Wags to Whiskers where their hair is shorter than a 1/2 an inch and not matted*. Dogs like ShihTzus, Lhasas and Maltese.

Puppies! All puppies between 3 & 6 months of age where their hair is less than a 1/2 an inch are just $25.00 for the fast bath. Call for your quote* and appointment. 815-436-5957.


*Phone quotes are estimates only. Pricing may change based on your pet’s coat condition and examination at the time of the appointment. You will always know what our charges will be when you drop your pet off. NO surprises when you pick up. For Fast Baths, all dogs must be able to stand comfortably throughout the 1 hour appointment. Geriatric dogs, and dogs with joint/ligament issues may not be eligible for the Fast Bath. Please inquire regarding your dog at 815-436-5957.

**We do not include anal gland expression in our grooming packages. Healthy dogs eating healthy foods should not need anal gland expression. If your dog is in need of anal gland expression, please see your veterinarian. Also speak with our staff to discuss food choices. Thank you!

***Dogs ~may not~ be completely dry from the Fast Bath.


15-20 minute brush-out appointments between $10-25 depending on the dog. Let us do the brushing maintenance in-between your full service grooming appointments for you. Do you have a ‘Doodle, Poodle, ShihTzu, etc. that requires a lot of brushing to keep their coat looking great? Do you have a Lab, Golden or Husky that just has a lot of hair? Give us a call to make an appointment to have us quickly brush out your dog while you wait.  Call 815-436-5957 to book your brush out or full service grooming appointment.

Minor dematting may be included in the brush out. Excessive dematting (where discomfort to the dog could result) will not be included. If the dog is excessively matted, an appointment for full service grooming may be required. All dogs must be relatively clean. If the dog has excessive odor, dirt, undercoat or dander, an appointment for full service grooming may be required. All brush-out only appointments are at the discretion of the groomer.


We do nail trims and nail filing, pad trims, paw trims, face trims, sanitary trims all on a Walk-In basis. Please Call 815-436-5957 for more information.


Wags to Whiskers does not SHAVE dogs like Akitas, Labradors, Dalmatians, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Chows, Keeshond, Goldens, Huskies, Collies, Poms, German Shepherds, etc. unless they are severely matted beyond salvageable. These dogs and their coats are their protection from the elements, heat and cold, and shaving will damage their coats, likely permanently. We will do light trim on the feet, feathers and sanitary areas if needed, but we will not shave or take clippers to the bodies of these dogs. If your dog is shedding excessively, we suggest considering the FURminator. Please see above. Thank you for understanding. Please call for confirmation and with any questions.  815-436-5957



No time to bring your pet in? Wags to Whiskers can help!

We will arrange for pick up and drop off services through independent pet sitting services.  Call for a referral for your area.

As a courtesy to our groomers, please allow at least 24 hours for all cancellations or reschedules.  Please arrive to your appointment on time so that we can stay on schedule for the day.

Late notice cancellations or no-shows may incur a $25.00 rescheduling fee. Multiple late notice cancellations or no-shows may disqualify you from future grooming appointments.

**Please do not schedule your pet for grooming within 24 hours (before or after) any vaccinations. Your dog is only required to have rabies vaccination once every 3 years. This is the ONLY vaccination required by law. And we suggest Titers for Parvo and Distemper. Also the 3 years rabies vaccination is the same dosage of vaccination as the 1 year vaccination – it is not a stronger vaccination. The 1 year is certified for 1 year, the 3 year is certified for 3 years – and is the exact same vaccination. Some vets charge more for the 3 year – look around and find one who doesn’t charge more and get the 3 year vaccination – this is your right as a pet owner!